Sunday, November 24, 2019

mis essays

mis essays Let's face it, in today's world we are using computers more and more. The growth of accessibility to the Internet has given us a brand new definition to connectivity, thus exponentially widening the wealth of information at our fingertips. Those of us who are computer and Internet users have experienced this rapid growth, yet many users do not understand some the "trade-offs" that have been made to bring this level of user-friendly technology to desk-tops all over the world. It's just so easy. Buy it, bring it home, plug it in, insert a disk, and your on the Internet. From the users perspective this is an incredible leap in the right direction. However, from a business point of view we must be very cautious. Due to the numbers of business who are involved in the production of computers and the fact that Microsoft has been not only a corner stone in development, but a household name since the very beginning, creates a potentially hazardous business environment. This has been t he topic for many heated debates. The main question Microsoft has been confronted with is weather or not they have created a monopoly or merely experienced a large market share and a competitive advantage stemming from their dedication to provide more efficient systems. Historically, the United States has set a precedent to penalize companies who demonstrated monopolistic actions. In the Sherman and Clayton Anti-Trust Acts, the United States officially made monopolies against the law. However, companies like AT The reason why Microsoft is currently under investigation is a result of some of the following ideas and events: Ø Users have extremely limited operating systems that are compatible with existing hardware and the only operating system in ...

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