Wednesday, November 27, 2019

E-commerce Essays (537 words) - E-commerce, Online Shopping

When it comes down to it there are many pros for businesses in e-Commerce for example e-Commerce is a faster way if you are connected to a broadband cable network. By a click of a button and some down loading on your screen will allow you to get a world of information. E-Commerce is cheap allowing businesses by operate a website with thousands of consumers will allow the business to sell their product for less suppose to a retail store that will increase their prices due to decrease in business. For example you have those websites like E-Bay, Overstock, and that have many different sellers, selling their products to consumers while the original owners make money off of the sellers. E-Commerce is global which allows companies from all over the world to compete with America. How else, would the average person be able to get products from anywhere other than their locality. An E-commerce benefit to consumers has its pros and cons when it comes to online shopping. The consumer can do their purchasing anytime without having the hassle of getting up and driving to a store that has certain businesses hours. A consumer has the ability to search and negotiate the products pricing, quality, and types by accessing the different shops online. Many companies offer some type of security provided by sites like PayPal (a payment intermediary service that facilitates worldwide e-commerce) that ensures the consumer will receive a refund if the product is not delivered within an appropriate timeframe. Although there are cons to shopping online for example it?s convenient but what if the consumer doesn?t have a computer and accesses to the internet. Also, the consumer has the ability to shop around online without wasting gas or time by driving to different stores however the consumer will not be able to take the product home when it?s purchased. Even with the security p rovided to make payments online there are still possibilities of credit card theft. Benefits to society Some of the limitations of e-commerce are classified as technical and non-technical limitations. Technological Limitations has lack of universal standards for quality, security, and reliability. The telecommunications bandwidth is insufficient, especially for m-commerce (e-commerce for mobile phones). Difficulty in integrating e-commerce infrastructure with current organizational IT systems, there are many companies that use the IT systems. The IT systems were developed to support different needs and different kinds of software and applications. IT systems contain valuable business information but have to be integrated with new ones. When it comes to full integration with back-office operations, for example, the cost of integrating legacy systems with modern ones may be greater than that of actually scrapping them completely. Non-Technological Limitations has security and privacy concerns that deter customers from buying. While the lack of trust in e-commerce and its unknown sellers to hinder buying. Many legal and public policy issues, including taxation, have not yet been resolved because, online fraud is increasing. Some consumers like to feel and touch the products. Also, some consumers are resistant to the change from shopping at a store to shopping on the internet

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